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  Model "Taxes LLC in 2013"

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Model "Taxes LLC in 2013"

You can download this model where taxes are calculated on common and simplified system of taxation. It may be useful to you for financial planning and control, select the tax system.

DOWNLOAD LINK: >>>Taxes Model LLC 2013<<<

The purpose of the model:  the calculation of the amount of taxes on inputs to the business entity (LLC, JSC, etc.) to compare the effectiveness of different systems of taxation. You can use a part of the commercial activities for non-profit organizations.

Method of application:  the model can be used for financial planning, including in the preparation of business plans. For example, the model can be used in the budget of revenues and expenditures. Allows you to analyze the relationship of baseline data and the final amount of tax (for example, using the model, we can conclude that the increase in the share of labor costs in the cost structure will result in an increase in the tax burden).

Models range of users:  business organization (LLC, JSC ), including start-ups, small and medium businesses. The model may be of interest to owners and managers of companies, financial and business managers, accountants.
The model calculates the following types of taxes : VAT, income tax, property tax, insurance premiums, 6% flat tax on income under the simplified system of taxation, 15% flat tax on income under the simplified system of taxation.

Теги: Income tax, Insurance premiums, JSC, LLC, Property Tax, STS, VAT

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